Aloha is a way of being - where you are experiencing true joy, expressing yourself authentically, and living your passions with respect for yourself, others and the earth. Hawaiian wisdom has a lot to offer as we endeavour to come into our absolute fullness: living as masters of our own reality with a clear connection to our body, heart, mind and spirit. If you really want to live beyond what you have ever imagined is possible, you may find that some or all of the things in this site support and enhance you living in Aloha, as they do for so many others

My Services

Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey - calming your mind, opening your heart and inviting your spirit to be present. With long flowing strokes under and over the body, gentle stretches, natural oil, soothing and inspiring music in a comfortable and safe space, you are transported to the Islands of Paradise where healing and harmony live within you. It is gentle, nurturing, relaxing and energising, yet its effects are deeply profound ... - Enabling any energy blockages to be released - Encouraging physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shifts - Facilitating deeper connection to your essence "The heart of Lomilomi is love and respect for others. Lomilomi gives love and it is therefore one of the true acts of human kindness and one of the greatest of the healing arts." - Chai, Na Mo'olelo Lomilomi

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Ho'oponopono Healing Sessions

"Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian method of mental cleansing through discussion, examination, confession, repentance, mutual restitution, forgiveness and forgetting, as well as prayer. This process has been used for generations to make right in relationships and remove mental obstructions with unconditional love. Many a time our mind justifies why we are not living in truth. In a Ho'oponopono session we resolve where we have stepped outside the line of truth - in thinking; in intention; in action. In this session we explore why there is unhappiness in the client's life, by extracting the baggage and releasing it. This process allows a free and clear line of communication with the higher being, bringing us into alignment with mind, body and spirit."
Jaye Seal

Erotic Embodiment

An Erotic Embodiment Massage with Charlie is a wholistic session that provides you with an opportunity to have a new and emdodied experience of your own erotic/life force energy. Through building your erotic energy with specific massage techniques and moving it through your body Charlie sets up clear communication for you to express your needs in a session, where we can address anything you might want to shift, receive, learn or let go of... This experience can support you to connect deeply with your erotic energy in your life for yourself, and you will be able to take this into intimate connections with others.

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Lomilomi Massage Training

Receiving lomilomi massage opens a person’s body and spirit to deep endless love...

In this place fear dissolves and presence and passion unite. Giving lomilomi is exactly the same. It opens you to greater love and brings your body, heart, mind and spirit into harmony. Either way, lomilomi takes both the giver and the receiver on a unique and incredible journey

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WHY DO I CHOOSE TO SHARE HAWAIIAN WISDOM WITH THE WORLD? Because it helps to remind us of our connection with everything

In the Western world we are often taught that we are separate from creation (or from "God" as some people believe). Most of us learn this from when we are conceived, and we continue our lives being bombarded daily with the idea that we are powerless because someone or something outside of us has ultimate power over our lives. There is also an inherent belief in our culture that light and dark, or "positive" and "negative", are completely separate from each other - which creates feelings of guilt, judgement and separation. Hawaiian wisdom encourages us to see that everything is connected, that there is no positive ("good") or negative ("bad"), as the only thing that separates these is our perception. It reminds us that we are creation itself, and we are our own creators.

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Lomilomi Massage

    Lismore NSW

  • 90 mins* Regular Lomilomi $120
  • 2 hours* Deep Release Lomilomi $160
  • 1 hour* Double (4 hands) Lomilomi $160
  • ~

    Melbourne & Byron Bay

  • (by special appointment)
  • 90 mins* Regular Lomilomi $150
  • 2 hours* Deep Release Lomilomi $180
  • 1 hour* Double (4 hands) Lomilomi $200
  • * Please allow 15-30mins extra for your session if you're able to


  • 2 hrs $170* Lismore NSW
  • ~
  • 2 hrs $200* Melbourne & Byron Bay
  • (by special appointment)
    * Please allow an extra 30 mins for Ho'oponopono if possible, in case we require more time to complete your session

Erotic Embodiment

  • 2+ hrs $200 Lismore NSW
  • ~
  • 2+ hrs $250 Melbourne & Byron Bay
  • (by special appointment)

Sessions include a minimum of 90 mins on the massage table + up to 30 mins for talking about what you'd like to achieve/receive in your session and discussing boundaries etc... I suggest you allow an extra 30 mins for these sessions if possible, so that we don't need to rush and you have time for relaxing & integrating afterwards


Published Testimonials

...This whole body massage works right from the tip of the toes to the scalp and face, leaving every inch feeling luxuriously supple and relaxed. Lomilomi is extremely gentle and flowing, and I'm amazed to hear that 2 hours has passed so quickly. After the treatment, Charlie again sits with me to explain what they noticed during the massage. They point out the tension in areas of my back and tells me the common physical and emotional reason for it's presence. I confess I am surprised by their accuracy, as I mentally tick off the points they mentioned. Having never made these links before I begin to see how managing them will enhance my physical well-being. I leave feeling fresh, free and more in control of my well-being thanks to the wisdom I've gained.

Catherine Naghten, Australian Natural Health Magazine

When I lay on the table to receive a Lomilomi (Hawaiian Massage) from Charlie I was restless inside, my breathing was shallow and my shoulders were tight from a long night with my computer. As soon as the first stroke of warm oil swept across my body I knew I was in for something special. Charlie uses both their hands and forearms, as well as hot rocks, which all feel absolutely beautiful, such graceful movements like a slow dance moved my accumulated tension and energy blockages. The experience was nurturing and deep, my muscles let go, my breathing became smooth as my physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies aligned and I completely relaxed. Charlie began the massage with traditional Hawaiian prayers; the language resonates sweet joy through spoken song about the love of life. My thoughts drifted away as I gently melted into a very deep mindless space. Throughout the session I had a reoccurring vision... I saw, felt myself cradled in the huge arms of a big, beautiful Hawaiian woman who's strength and soft embrace swaddled me in tender love. Charlie's work is professional and nurturing. They have relocated from Melbourne and brings with their a wealth of experience in both their individual sessions and Lomilomi training courses.

Bhadrena Rose, Injoy Magazine

About Me

Charlie Snow

Aloha Lokahi - Love & unity

Charlie's intent is to provide opportunities for people to live their own truth - encouraging us all to come into our true individual and collective power with passion, integrity and honesty... to be creators of a world that we actively choose to live in rather than accepting limitations that have been chosen for us. Charlie has been honoured to share Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage since 2003, and has worked with thousands of clients for over a decade. Charlie continues to train regularly in with Hawaiian Elders in lomilomi, ho'oponopono and Hawaiian culture, and teaches lomilomi with permission from Kiliwelu Kamaka Iki Ali'i Pa'akaula Kamoa Kamoa (better known as Papa K). Charlie has also trained as a facilitator in Kundalini Dance and TranceDance, and has developed a powerful transformational dance course, Essence Dance, which draws on Hawaiian understandings and shamanic practices. Charlie facilitated Essence Dance courses and workshops in Melbourne and at various Australian Dance/Music Festivals for many years, before becoming a sole parent and moving to Northern NSW. Over the last 5 years, Charlie has been focussed on the journey of parenting as well as developing their work in new and expanded ways, inspired by their own growing passions and experiences that support their deeper embodiment and joy of living. Throughout this growth period Charlie has trained in Urban Tantra and now offers Erotic Embodiment massage sessions, as well as Lomilomi massage sessions and training, Ho'oponopono, and Essence Dance. Hawaiian wisdom continues to inspire Charlie to let go of their fears, to open their heart, to trust in themselves, and to go beyond the separated individual to connect with all that is. Charlie is extremely passionate about sharing with others and inspiring individuals to trust in themselves.



Lismore, NSW, Australia


Mobile: 0421 242 467