Aloha is a way of being - where you are experiencing true joy, expressing yourself authentically, and living your passions with respect for yourself, others and the earth. Hawaiian wisdom has a lot to offer as we endeavour to come into our absolute fullness: living as masters of our own reality with a clear connection to our body, heart, mind and spirit. If you really want to live beyond what you have ever imagined is possible, you may find that some or all of the things in this site support and enhance you living in Aloha, as they do for so many others

My Services

Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi massage takes you on a journey - calming your mind, opening your heart and inviting your spirit to be present. With long flowing strokes under and over the body, gentle stretches, natural oil, soothing and inspiring music in a comfortable and safe space, you are transported to the Islands of Paradise where healing and harmony live within you. It is gentle, nurturing, relaxing and energising, yet its effects are deeply profound ... - Enabling any energy blockages to be released - Encouraging physical, emotional, mental and spiritual shifts - Facilitating deeper connection to your essence "The heart of Lomilomi is love and respect for others. Lomilomi gives love and it is therefore one of the true acts of human kindness and one of the greatest of the healing arts." - Chai, Na Mo'olelo Lomilomi

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Ho'oponopono Healing Sessions

"Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian method of mental cleansing through discussion, examination, confession, repentance, mutual restitution, forgiveness and forgetting, as well as prayer. This process has been used for generations to make right in relationships and remove mental obstructions with unconditional love. Many a time our mind justifies why we are not living in truth. In a Ho'oponopono session we resolve where we have stepped outside the line of truth - in thinking; in intention; in action. In this session we explore why there is unhappiness in the client's life, by extracting the baggage and releasing it. This process allows a free and clear line of communication with the higher being, bringing us into alignment with mind, body and spirit."
Jaye Seal

Introductory and Advanced Trainings

The Blisstitute offers life changing courses with international accreditation for anyone wishing to explore the art of giving lomilomi, and walking the path of aloha. The introductory course takes new students and existing practitioners into a direct experience of the joy and healing that is possible when working as an instrument of source energy. Students wishing to deepen in their journey and take their practice to the next level can apply to attend our advanced training. Our courses are attended by impassioned individuals who are dedicated to their own growth, and taught by teachers who are the embodiment of the teachings.

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Lomilomi Massage Training

Receiving lomilomi massage opens a person and their spirit to deep endless love. Giving lomilomi is exactly the same. As a direct channel for the source of all love, your body, heart, mind and spirit are brought into harmony.
Lomilomi takes both the giver and the receiver on a unique and incredible journey.

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