9 Hawaiian Inspirations

For Empowered Living

These 9 Hawaiian Inspirations have the ability to act as stepping-stones in your everyday growth and in the expansion of your consciousness, and will support you to be an authentic and effective lomilomi giver. They have been created using ancient Hawaiian wisdom and are actual Hawaiian words that carry mana (power) with them. Please use them consciously...

*Connecting with spirit & all of creation**

*Living unconditional love with joy, ease and presence*

*Let go, forgive and set yourself free*

*Be here, now*

~ MANA ~
*Your natural connection to source energy*

~ KALA ~
*Live without limits*

~ NA'AU ~
*Your gut knowing centre*

*Living your life purpose*

*Gratitude… for all that I am and all that is*

*Connecting with spirit & all of creation*

The foundation of Hawaiian culture is Na Akua – the interconnectedness of all things. All things in existence are part of a unified whole and co-create oneness. Everything in the universe is interrelated, however all things are of equal value.

Building a strong foundation in your life begins with acknowledging and connecting with Akua (source energy). Spirit is understood to be present in all things. When we recognise this, and begin to understand ourselves as being part of this unified whole, we are also able to acknowledge that a power far greater than our individual selves is the larger part of who we are, and is available to us at all times. We are creator beings with a potential that is beyond our comprehension.

Everyone needs to do the hana, the work, to find the ways that they can best experience and honour the spirit within them, their connectedness to all things, and their connection to the higher being/universal energy.

Pule (prayer), meditation and controlled focus of attention will support you to make choices informed by your relationship to Akua, and the insights that this relationship brings. This will enable you to build pa’a, (an unshakable foundation) in your life.

*Living unconditional love with joy, ease and presence*

The simplest word in English to describe aloha is love, yet the essence of aloha encompasses much, much more.

As with most Hawaiian words, ‘aloha’ has layers of meaning. The complexity and depth of meaning encompassed in the word aloha helps us to understand that it is a state of being which is about the sharing of joyful life force energy in the present moment.

Anything that is not aloha is pilikia. Fear, drama or trauma holds you apart from love and presence and prevents you from living in pa’a.

When you choose to live in aloha you can see that the fundamental life force that has created all things is, in its essence, love itself. The more that you create space to experience life in a state of love and gratitude, the more connected you are to the flow of creation. From this state of being it is easy to experience the connectedness of all things, and you find that experiences, people and things of a similar vibration find their way to you effortlessly.

Aloha requires loving without conditions, accepting and not judging. Fear, anger, doubts and jealousy separate us from our own true nature, from each other, and consequently we experience ourselves as separate from the spiritual and creative life force from which we came into being.

Aloha should not be used as a spiritual by pass. It is perfectly aloha to discern what is and is not appropriate for you in your life. Honouring your individual needs and boundaries is loving and respectful not only of yourself, but also of others with whom you are in relationship. Sometimes the most loving response is to say “No”. It is always possible to do so with love and consideration for everyone and everything involved.

The more that we align with the spirit of aloha, the more natural it becomes to see things through a lens of love, and to respond from that energy. This affects everything in and around us, creating a self-perpetuating ripple effect that can be witnessed in our lives, and felt vibrationally throughout the universe.

Aloha is also used in Hawaii to say “hello”, “goodbye” and “love”.

One way to increase the aloha in your life is to think of your entire life as a bowl of light. Anything that is not completely aloha in your life is like a stone (pilikia) which gets placed in your bowl and over time if the stones increase, then your bowl (your life and your life force energy) becomes weighed down.

One way to let the stones go, is to tip the bowl over and allow the stones to fall out. If that doesn’t feel possible then you can simply become aware of your choices, and if any of them are weighing you down and not allowing you to live in the fullness of aloha, then you simply change your choices to ones that are aloha for you.

*Let go, forgive and set yourself free*

To be able to walk on your line of truth and be pa’a in this lifetime it’s important to let go of any negative energy that you are holding on to that could be preventing you from living your life freely.

People often find themselves thinking or feeling like they might be able to do ‘this’ if only ‘that’ hadn’t happened to them, or if only ‘that person’ would make amends for what they have done. This idea is common in our society, yet it’s extremely disempowering, as it prevents a person from making decisions and taking action in this present moment.

The Hawaiian idea of forgiveness is entirely different to the Western idea of forgiveness (pretending that something didn’t happen, that it’s ok that something happened or saying that you forgive the person/situation for what happened).

Kalana – the Hawaiian way, is about acknowledging that anything that may be affecting you negatively in this moment related to a situation/relationship from the past, is only affecting you now because you are holding on to it. You are free to let go of this in any moment that you choose to, and this has nothing to do with another person or a memory of a situation.

Once you give yourself permission to see how holding this energy in yourself is affecting your life, you can choose to set yourself free by taking responsibility for how you are personally holding onto it, and simply letting it go.

4 ~ E PILI MAI *Be here, now*

Now is the only moment that exists. Anything that happened in the past only affects you because of your memory of it, and the future has not happened yet. You will become a co-creator of your future when you allow yourself to be present in the moment and create from here, as now is the only true moment of power.

Whatever you focus on you will create. Be aware of your thoughts, your words and your actions and make sure they are all aligned with aloha in the direction you want your life to flow.

The more you choose to do whatever supports you in all areas of your life in this moment, the more you energise yourself and your path.

The Hawaiian concept of E Pili Mai (being in the present moment) is so strong in their ancient culture that the ancient Hawaiian language does not contain any verbs for the past or the future. For Hawaiians, the now literally is the only moment that exists. This means that any memory that you are holding onto from the past you are free to change, and any idea that you may have of the future you are also free to change if you find another way that serves you better.

5 ~ MANA
*Your natural connection to source energy*

You do not exist on this planet alone. You are in constant connection to everything and everyone, as the same power that gives you life gives life to all.

When you recognise that we are all connected to and created by the same power (people, animals, the land, the sea, the universe and spirit) you are able to realise the magnitude of your creative potential. You are made of the same energy that created galaxies. You are inseparable from the wisdom of all the ancestors that have existed before you. All of that energy is available to you to harness in the creation of the life you want to live now.

Placing your attention on the truth of who you are, breathing and setting an intention to energise your mana can increase your energy. You can also energise your body by eating well, exercising and breathing all the way in to your belly. Choosing things that support all areas of your life increases your mana exponentially.

It is also very important to recognise the choices you make that decrease your mana. Activities, thoughts and actions that result in a dropping of mana are usually lower in vibration, and the impacts of these choices can be felt by tuning in to the body. As you become more sensitive to energy, you will generally pick these lower vibrations up quickly, and we invite you to quite simply choose to step back, and make a choice that increases your mana!

As you begin to live your life aware of the mana within you that is connected to all things, it becomes easier to receive guidance from your own spirit (Uhane) and also from the Ancestors (Aumakua) and you are able to invite a deeper connection to your Uhane and Aumakua to support you living in pa’a.

6 ~ KALA
*Live without limits*

If we look at our lives and how we are choosing to live, we can often find that we are choosing within limits. When you truly recognise that limitations only exist because we believe in them, you can begin to explore moving beyond mentally imposed limitations.

There are limitless ways to choose how to relate and be in this world, and one of the most exciting parts of the human journey is the exploration of your beliefs about yourself and the universe, and discovering what serves you best.

If you take a step back and witness yourself walking through your life you may find that there are beliefs you have accumulated from your childhood, school, family, society, relationships and experiences that you have used to create a foundation of beliefs that you live from and that inform your choices. This foundation may or may not be serving you fully.

Reviewing your current foundation and removing limiting beliefs will benefit you immeasurably. By employing kala in your life, an endlessly expansive state of being, opens up the possibility of realising your truly unlimited potential. An easy way to begin to apply kala is to notice if your beliefs generate feelings of expansion or contraction in your being. Maintain a mind that is flexible and open to the miraculous possibilities available to you in every moment.

7 ~ NA'AU
*Your gut knowing centre*

Sometimes it’s challenging knowing what is truly the best thing for us in certain circumstances in our lives. Sometimes we can find ourselves wishing that there were someone or something that we could ask for reliable guidance and wisdom.

A close relationship with spirit means that we constantly have access to the wisdom and counsel of Akua. Spirit speaks to us in a small quiet voice, often experienced as a ‘knowing’ in our gut centre. This place within us is our na’au. Your na’au can be experienced as a somewhat subtle voice, especially when compared to the experience of receiving thought, but the more that you tune into this aspect of your intuition, the more accustomed to it you will become.

To connect to this knowing inside of you, you can simply follow whatever the knowing is. The more you do this, the more this uncanny intelligence will guide you toward greater outcomes in life that you would not have navigated yourself toward with your mind alone. Remember that this is the guidance of Akua, and spirit has an infinitely larger perspective on the life you are living! If you want to live your life in more expanded ways, being open to the guidance provided through your na’au is essential.

8 ~ KIAKAHI, NOHO OLA *Living your life purpose*

Every person on the planet has a soul purpose, and is equipped with special gifts and talents with which to fulfill this purpose. These pathways allow us to meaningfully connect with ourselves and our communities, and find ways in which we can best serve in this life. While we are here it is our responsibility to find what it is that we are here to share and take care of, and to then tend to this. The most common clue to the discovery of your life purpose is to follow the path of your greatest joy!

Living kiakahi often requires departing from the expectations and scripts created for us by our culture and our peers, and bravely stepping into your authenticity and personal truth. You are your own authority in your life. No one outside of you has power over you unless you give it to them. When you own this authority it becomes easier to find what your purpose is and to begin taking responsibility for living this.

To live your life purpose you need to choose what is right for you (pono) and ensure that all relationships (to yourself, to others, and to all areas of your life) are healthy.

9 ~MAHALO *Gratitude…
*Gratitude... for all that I am and all that is*

All of life is a miracle in motion. From the extraordinary intelligence of our bodies, to the interconnectedness of all things in the multiverse, there are endless potential focus points for gratitude. Irrespective of what is being experienced, we can always choose to be grateful for the experience itself. Slowing down, being in pa’a, and observing all that is through the lens of Akua has the potential to turn every moment in life into a gratitude practice. Living life in mahalo sends aloha flowing continuously to and from you, and is the key to a truly blessed existence.

Take a moment now and breathe into your heart, thinking about all the things that you are grateful for in your life. As you breathe out, breathe the blessing of mahalo back out into the world with the wish that it be experienced by all beings.