Massage Training

Receiving lomilomi massage opens a person and their spirit to deep endless love. Giving lomilomi is exactly the same. As a direct channel for the source of all love, your body, heart, mind and spirit are brought into harmony.

Lomilomi takes both the giver and the receiver on a unique and incredible journey.

Introduction to Lomilomi

The Blisstitute of Living Aloha’s internationally accredited Introduction to Lomilomi course is an amazing and life changing experience. People entering the temple of aloha for the first time will come away from the course with an amazing new skillset which can be used for friends and family, or to create the foundation for professional practice. In addition to this, the Hawaiian wisdom provides an entirely new lens through which to experience yourself and the world around you. For existing practitioners, an introduction to lomilomi will add immeasurable dimension to your work and revolutionise your practice.

There are many reasons our students return again and again to the introductory course. It is a beautiful opportunity to connect to yourself, to deepen in your practice, and to be with the growing community of Aloha Warriors.

The only pre-requisite for this course is to have received at least one authentic Lomilomi massage. The Blisstitute courses are an inclusive space for people of all genders, sexualities and cultures. We teach people how to massage all types of bodies, with awareness and respect.

During the course you will be immersed in the art of Lomilomi:

  • - Giving and receiving full lomilomi sessions
  • - Hawaiian wisdom & how this relates to bodywork
  • - Pule (Hawaiian prayer) and its significance in Lomilomi
  • - Oli (Hawaiian chanting) and how this increases your Mana (natural connection to source energy)
  • - Ha (breath work) for giving & receiving Lomilomi
  • - Hawaiian perspectives on learning
  • - How to choose Aloha in your life
  • - Skills to give a full 90 min lomilomi massage

Course fee includes:

  • *Tuition
  • *Training manual
  • *Student/Practitioner accreditation certificate
  • *Dinner on the first night
  • *Snacks & teas throughout course